Our Lounge

The lounge is a good size, but is not very deep, plus the fire which is in the corner kind of reduces where you can place the furniture. So here is the before shot with its glorious carpet circa 1975! Not to mention the gorgeous (NOT) wallpaper that will have to be strip

Clutter the room with your own TV, media centre compete with PC and Xbox and your pretty much good to go.

Asian Cooking

It does not have to be that hard when cooking Asian food

Lovely Meals to Cook

Lamb Green Curry Recipe


Our Lounge

The lounge is the place you spend most of your time, well except for the bedroom and kitchen

Look how it looks now

Chicken BBQ Kebabs


Laying Planking Flooring

As we had a concrete floor so it made sense and due to cost restraints to vinyl wood effect tiles

Here are some photographs of our Hallway in progress.

Sweet and Sour Chilli Chicken Noodles

chilli chicken2

Our New Cushions


What’s behind here?

no wall