Windows refurbishment

Preperation is Key

The windows are 1975 bronze aluminium which are not in bad quality, but we have changed the closing latches internally and had the Stays changed by professional services so they shut properly.


Firstly you have to sand the surface to remove any marks, dust or dirt.

Wash with turpentine to remove grease and dust.

Wash with soapy water

Rinse with clean water



Masking off the Window

This is the longest job of them all and very boring, but key to a good look after. Make sure you mark first and cover the black rubber sealant around the window. We used smaller strips of masking tape and then added more where we could still see the black rubber. Once you have covered the whole wind=ow you can add plastic sheeting. The one we bought from Bunnings Warehouse had a sticky tape heading. Make sure it's compeltely secure as paint from the can will find a way and mess up your pane of glass.

Internal Masking and Protection

Inside mask the window the same as the outside. Cover all surfaces with dust sheets or old duvet etc. Then add an extra protection of taping a drop sheet to the ceiling to stop the paint spray going all over the house.

One Window Painted

We could have taken the photograph after both windows had been painted but we think this shows the difference the white paint window changes the whole look of the house. It even makes the bricks look brighter.

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