Chicken BBQ Kebabs

Yummy sticky spicy BBQ chicken kebabs on a long summers evening. Enjoy with a cool beer or crisp wine.
6 Chicken Boneless and Skinless thighs cut into 3cm cubes
3 tbsp of low salt soy sauce
1 tbsp olive oil
2 tsp brown sugar
1 clove of garlic crushed
2cm ginger
pinch of chilli
season with salt & pepper
2 Red Capsicum large 2cm diced
2 Red Onion sliced into 8 sections like an orange segment.
2 Large Mushroom sliced

Mix the oil, soy, sugar, ginger, garlic, chilli and season with salt and pepper. Add chicken cubes and toss
marinate and leave for at least one hour or over night.


Soak kebab wooden stick in water for 10mins or use metal meat sticks. Add chicken and sliced of capsicum peppers, onions and mushrooms alternatively. Make sure you leave enough room at either end to be able to grab and turn on the BBQ.

These can be made in advance and covered with glad wrap and left in the fridge.

Grill on high barbecue for 25mins until cooked, but not overcooked, as this can make them dry. Test before eating that all chicken is cooked thoroughly.

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