The lounge is a good size but is not very deep, plus the fire which is in the corner kind of reduces where you can place the furniture. So here is the before shot with its glorious carpet circa 1975! Not to mention the gorgeous (NOT) wallpaper that will have to be stripped off.
lounge before 3
lounge beforelounge before 2Clutter the room with your own TV, media centre compete with PC and Xbox and your pretty much good to go. As long as you don't look a the unusual pebbledash coated fireplace and yellow tinted window glass. Place a very large wool off white luxury carpet over the existing carpet and your done. Well that was before we were told the carpet was contaminated with birds doo doos and was a health issue.

So the carpet must go today Glenn!!!!

fireplaceYou may also note that we have removed some of the wall. Lets far more light into the kitchen and makes it easier to see the TV whilst getting a glass of wine, result.

glenn mouldOK so we know there was a leak but how far did the mould go Glenn?? One very good face breathing apparatus, gloves and large tool to remove some of the plasterboard.

The Mouldno wallOK, so probaly not good for your health. Now let's go behind into the laundry and take that wall off. Great now I can watch the TV, and watch the washing machine.

patchworkNot bad for a first plasterboard infill, using various bits we took off the lounge wall on the other wall. Recycle, upcycle,  rejuvenate are words of the day. PLUS remove it mate!remove pepple dashAll the pebble dash concrete wall thing is removed. Extremely large crow bar, you can see in blue to the left was used to pry it not so gently off the wall.

pebble into garden1Almost looks like a crazy paved patio. Covers the grass so less mowing.

lounge herringboneSpend 2 hours measuring where the centre line is for installing a full herringbone floor. We used an infrared light beam me up Scotty thing to get a straight line perpendicular to an uneven, not so straight lounge wall and window. From there is was 25mins of discussion, whereby we just said...whatever no one will ever see if its perfect. Halfway thorough laying realised it was a Saturday and the glue shop for flooring would be closing soon. emergency we do not have enough glue to finish the room. Quick phone call..we are closing in 4mins! I can drop some off to you on my route home. Don't you love it when the guys at Jackson flooring Paraparaumu are so professional and have your best interest at heart. It was that or a divorce.

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