Very tired and very dated. It's great when your home is currently a 1970's build with its orignal cooker and decor. Wow how did the last owner see what she was cooking as it's so dark and dismal.


Nearly finished now we have a working kitchen. The workbench is Dolca Vita Formica FX180  made by Kapiti Benchtops.

Cupboards are from Placemakers warm white.

Sink Mercer

Plumbing Shaun the Plumber Kapiti

The laminate benchtop is printed using new 3D technology so the edge pattern lines up with the surface to make it look like real wood/stone/marble.

workbench 4

Close up view of the edge

sinkThe Mercer sink has a shallow preparation bowl or draining area.

workbench 7

workbench 3

Loving the shades in this benchtop.

workbench 1Making sure it's level

cupboards 1

Washing up for a week in the laundry, you can see how much fun that was!

The next item to be moved was the L-shaped unit which was dividing the room and with a little help from friends and a large iron wrench and hip movement. Off she came, turned 90 degrees to make a modern working area. One day it will be new units and a gorgeous bench top, but for now it works well.

cupboard without topnew benchtop



Well the tiles actually came off in one piece as the last DIY'er or builder decided not to remove the old wallpaper. That was great for me as I thought I was in for the long haul. Wow just removing the dark green overly patterned tiles makes the room look even brighter.

no more tiles


That was a right sticky little item to remove. Never seen so much brown muck, mouse droppings and ghastly smell. We will look forward to not having to duck every time we cook. Short people must have built houses in the 70's.

extractor hole

No more extractorThe New Appliances

I know I love cooking as it was the first items we splashed out on. The tap was a necessity as it constantly dripped on the hot tap. But the fridge freezer was a must have and the cooker, well who would not want a cooker you can get an entire roast dinner cooked on one shelf!

cooker gone ready for cookercookerThe Fridge Freezer

You know when you see something you like and you just have to have it. This awesome fridge makes ice cubes without being plumbed and the smart part it does not take up much room inside.


holekitchen hole 2Now the fun begins

kitchen 4 kitchen 5 kitchen 6

Get some extra help

kitchen 2kitchen 3kitchen 7kitchen 1

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  1. YOUR new kitchen at al ..look fantastic.
    all that work…all worth it.
    enjoy it

  2. Thank you for your comment Jenny, workbenches might be another 2-3 weeks wait.

  3. Wow… that’s truly transformational. Can’t wait to see the finished kitchen.

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