Master Bedroom

Check out that 70’s Axminster carpet. Know doubt it was called Autumn leaves or something similar. Not our bed it’s the photo from the estate agents site.

Scrapping off wallpaper from 1970’s is not much fun as it does not come off in one go. Note: look as many YouTube videos before attempting any DIY.
bedroom beforeBEFORE

One will work. Spray with garden spray bottle with washing up liquid and water. Wait 10 mins and then apply same solution again over the wallpaper. Wait 10 mins and then do it again. You will then be able to practically peel off the wallpaper in one go.

Do the same for the lining paper 🙁 long job.

Bedroom completeNew curtains from Spot Light in the sale. Outer metallic nets and inner blackout curtains.

And freshly painted new white walls using PPG paint from Bunnings.

New Flooring

Laid after much work on the concrete floor. You’d think you just need to glue it down. No you have to wash the concrete, rinse and dry. Then apply a moisture barrier, then wait for that to dry. Then apply the sticky bostick glue. Then wait for that to cure in 15 mins. Then you can finally start laying laminate dryback flooring planks.

We decided to go with a mirror image of the herringbone we did in the hallway to give it interest.

After 1 After 2herringbone weights boxesThe boxes are to help weigh down the planks whist we are laying them.

Lovely to get out of bed and not have to step on bare concrete.

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