The Foundation for the Green House

This seems a long time ago, but it was only 19th September 2015. Getting rid of the lawn with Rotary hoe was not as easy as I thought. then making the ground firm and even, was anther long job. Ground cover then getting all the pebbles from the front of our house to the back by the barrow load was tiring to say the least. Photo taken 19th September

Building the Greehouse

Not easy task as this greenhouse is soooo much larger than our last one. It would not fit through our lounge doors, so had to assemble most of it in the garage. Photo taken 25th September 2015

As and when Angela did some work we were able to purchase another AutoPots  from Otaki Hyrdroponics, some larger than others depending on what you are hoping to grow. We had already bought and used an Auto Pot last year,  as had some Glenn's birthday money. So much space in this greehouse, yeah right! check out the plants in the next image below. Those Auto pots work a treat.

Photo taken 3rd October 2015

Not much room now

Ok so maybe we are hoping to sell off all our vegetable to Waikanae supermarket! Yes, the Triffids have arrived! Armed with wire and twine we have tamed the beasts to climb up into the roof space eventually. We have cut back the tomatoes, as they had a bad case of leaf mould when it was wet here a few weeks ago. Photo taken 28th November 2015!

Courgettes the funky round ones

So we had a packet of seeds which were to be different coloured courgettes/zucchinis depending on where you live. But had not noticed the round ones which come in several colours too. Date of this photo is 28th November 2015!

Just a bit of netting

Ok so you need to protect your crops. But no one thought about how to cover a tyre! Yes, I get my skills from my mother who can take a piece of fabric and make anything out of it. My first job was working in a fabric shop. It was easier to cover the whole of the greenhouse roof, as we now have self opening windows, well two of them so far. As it get hotter or colder they automatically open and close. The netting is then knotted and twine tied to a large tile creates the tension. It's been in rain and high winds and so far survived. Date of this photo is 28th November 2015!

Blooms and Produce

Lovely flowers, shame they have to die to produce the vegetables. White one is from our Okra plant.
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